Michael  Cartwright 
GALLERY 2, Palm Court
69 Strickland Street 
Western Australia.

Mobile: 04 1316 7451

 Michael Cartwright Art @ GALLERY 2

Australian Landscape Paintings - Australian Art

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Mobile: 04 1316 7451

Michael's Profile 

My early artistic direction was guided by my father Arthur, an accomplished painter and art teacher who taught me all the necessary fundamentals required in becoming a landscape artist.

I had plenty of drawing practise during childhood but began painting seriously after moving to the tourist town of Denmark on Western Australia's south coast in 1984.

Denmark is Indeed a beautiful part of the world with many subjects to paint. I was greatly inspired by the local town houses, river scenes, ever changing seascapes and the beautiful tall karri trees in the forests and along the roadsides.


My wife and I own and operate an art gallery in this delightful scenic town.

Located in Palm Court Strickland Street, GALLERY 2 has been operating for over 20 years.  

During my 30 years of painting full time, my artistic journey has led to the development of three distinct landscape techniques - Traditional, Whimsical and Semi Abstract. 

The first two styles explore the beauty of Western Australia's south coast. My Semi Abstract technique represents the timeless landscape of Outback Australia, the Kimberely region and the beautiful Karijini National Park in Australia's north west.

I like to alternate between the techniques to keep painting interesting but realize also the importance of drawing or painting outdoors occasionally to sharpen the skills and exercise perception.