• Michael Cartwright

Tree Colours

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

South West Karri Trees

After completing a series of cottage paintings and river scenes, my attention is now focused on the subject of trees. Karri and Redgum are native to south western Australia and they often grow together in surrounding bush-land and forests. Indeed interesting subjects to paint as these trees display a variety of beautiful colors during late spring and early summer.

Strangely enough though, most of my mental planning prior to painting ''Tree Colors'' occurred late evening and even during the night while I slept. The problem solving capabilities of the subconscious mind are absolutely amazing it would seem as my confidence in painting this picture was greatly reinforced the following morning.

My choice of brush for ''Tree Colors'' was a 1 inch wide bristle which I used to block in the main shapes. Once the composition and values were established it was then a matter of emphasizing color and edges in areas of interest and reducing their dominance in places of lesser importance.

Directing the viewer's attention to the focal area was my intention as this center of interest is one of maximum contrast, high chroma and most detail. All of which are characteristic aspects of impressionism. Indeed an interesting style towards where my artistic journey gravitates.

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