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Sunlight and Shadows

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Sunlight and Shadows

This subject caught my eye during an afternoon walk along the banks of the Denmark River. The pink sandy track went for miles meandering through gum trees and pastoral countryside. Fortunately the warm afternoon light was ideal casting interesting shadows on the subject greatly adding to its aesthetic appeal. I always prefer to paint the warmer afternoon light and consider it easier to paint than the cooler light of the morning.

My intention was to use the sandy track as a lead into the composition which was reinforced by gum trees either side. The interplay of sunlight and shadows created interesting patterns everywhere. Red bark on tree trunks was emphasized and mirrored throughout the painting to warm and unify the artwork. Other colors were enhanced also. Finally touches of light were added and designed in decorative patterns. A tiny farmhouse in the distance followed which provided an all important center of interest.

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