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South West River Scenes

South West River Scene

Every landscape painter experiences a mental block occasionally as the issues of daily life block his conscious thinking. A great way to reactivate our inspirational flow, in my opinion, is to take a walk or bike ride through the countryside. This contact with nature cleanses the artist's mind and stimulates his creative thinking.

I believe our best paintings occur when we are totally captivated by a subject which certainly was the case with my oil painting - ''South West River Scene'' - I knew in an instant that these beautiful gum trees overhanging the Denmark River would make a delightful subject. Everything was just right but despite this, my intention was not to copy nature but to use it as a guide only. To do this I squint my eyes. This simplifies the scene making it easier to see and paint the color of values and shapes.

When painting landscapes, my goal is to give expression to visual ideas by enhancing the scene as much as possible while still maintaining a realistic image. By using the subject as a guide, my aim is to tell a visual story with clarity and sophistication.

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