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Pioneer Cottage

Pioneer Cottage

I am greatly inspired by the old mill cottages and farmhouses which are scattered throughout the town and countryside where I live. Built by the pioneers these old homes make wonderful subjects to paint. Their sagging roofs, leaning water tanks, crooked fences, flowering fruit trees and free range hens foraging in the gardens are all characteristic features.

For many years I have painted these enchanting cottages surrounded by their beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, however, due to modern progress they are all slowly disappearing. Of course we cannot recreate the past but as an oil painting artist I like to think I can do the next best thing which is painting impressions of these old homes before they are all gone.

My intention is to capture a time gone by, thus giving insight to future generations of the early settlers. I endeavor to capture these historical cottages in oil on canvas so their characteristic charm will be forever remembered.

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