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Panorama Seascape

Panorama Seascape

The south coast of Western Australia is a popular place for fishermen, surfers and artists. The vast coastline is an interesting mix of white sandy beaches and rocky outcrops. There was a time when I viewed the seascape through different eyes, those of the surfer. Although I still enjoy a salt water swim, my focus nowadays is on painting this ever-changing subject.

An afternoon summer light penetrates rising water vapor adding to the atmospheric effect of this panorama seascape. A day of moderate swell as rolling breakers are gently caressed by the offshore wind. Translucent turquoise waters recede to become a deeper blue towards Point Hillier and Stanley Island on the horizon.

I began by establishing the distant headlands followed by the major rock formations. My challenge was to create movement in the choppy seawater. Painting wet into wet I combined alternating brushstrokes with soft and hard edges. Orange touches were added to rocks and sand to include warmth and complement the different blues.

Finally a lone fisherman standing on the rocks provided an important focal point as he tried his luck chasing the many species of fish which inhabit the waters of this beautiful southern ocean.

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