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Panorama Landscape

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

My vantage point for 'Panorama Landscape' was from the Bibbulmun Track, high up on the slopes of Mount Hallowell.
Panorama Landscape

Although I like to paint from life outdoors this preferred 'plein air' method is not always convenient as was the case on this occasion. My vantage point for this panorama landscape was from the Bibbulmun Track, high up on the slopes of Mount Hallowell. This world renowned track, so named by the indigenous Australians, extends for almost 1000 kilometers from Perth to the south coast of Western Australia. Certain sections display some of the most delightful and varied scenery this part of the world has to offer. It is where the forest meets the sea.

Large areas of coastal shrubbery merge with dense woodlands. Huge granite boulders, undulating countryside, distant headlands, meandering rivers, inlets and ever-moving sand hills slowly devouring ancient forests are all characteristic of the area.

Luckily there was a break among these masses of tingle, jarrah and karri trees which gave me the opportunity to take sequence photographs of this magnificent panoramic inlet and southern ocean. The images were later stitched together in photoshop and used as my reference for this long format panorama landscape, which depicts an absolutely beautiful and unique part of south coast of Western Australia.

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