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Gum Tree Cottage

Gum Tree Cottage

What better time to paint these enchanting cottages than mid spring when their gardens are in full bloom. My intention was to create an impression only, by suggesting colors, shapes and rendering them spontaneously in a variety of textured brushstrokes. I used values and color to create areas of contrast and interest. To do this I squint my eyes so shapes, values and colors only, become visible. This is a great way to simplify a subject, in my opinion, as the most important elements become immediately apparent.

''Gum Tree Cottage'' 12 x 24 - is an oil painting of an old home near where I live. It was painted from a photograph which was taken on an afternoon bike ride along the scenic drive on Scotsdale Road. Indeed a beautiful tourist route which meanders for miles through undulating countryside, farmland and karri tree forests.

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