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Flowering Gum Trees

Flowering Gum Trees

Flowering Gum Trees was rendered using a palette knife along with a few brushstrokes for tree trunks, branches and foreground grasses. Before I begin a painting I usually have a picture in mind of the finished artwork to be and work towards that preconceived idea. However, with this impressionist rendering there were many unexpected detours along the way. Therefore, mid way through I was happy to see the emergence of a hazy image of the picture in mind. It was from that moment on I began to apply thickly textured paint controlling values, edges and adding the many touches of light and color throughout.

This impressionist painting is not my usual style, however I am always keen to try different methods. Painting is a never ending learning process and experimenting can be fun and great way to discover new techniques. It always better to try something new than never try at all in my opinion.

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