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Denmark River Scene

Denmark River Scene

This is an oil painting of karri trees overhanging the banks of the Denmark River. These trees are unique to the south west of Western Australia and they make wonderful subjects to paint. Drawing and painting trees is one of my earliest childhood memories. My father, Arthur Cartwright, was a commercial artist during this time in my life and he guided me through these first art lessons.

''Denmark River Scene'' reminds me of a time when I was walking on the other side of the river one day and saw an artist painting this same subject, plein air. As I crossed the bridge to take a closer look it became apparent that this person was all too familiar. It was the man who gave me my first art lessons as a five year old - Arthur Cartwright, my father who was painting this exact same scene.

His painting became the winner of the Albany Art Prize - Peoples Choice Award, an accolade he won for the previous seven consecutive years !

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