• Michael Cartwright

Country Town Denmark WA

This impressionist way of painting involves pushing color intensity
Country Town

''Country Town'' was painted during a stage of my career when realism was my interest. It wasn't long however, before I realized that the patience required to paint this way went against my natural instinct. This lead to the next stage in my artistic journey which was whimsical Australian landscapes. A fun technique and one which I use occasionally when my mood demands.

Nowadays I prefer to minimize detail and complete a painting in one session in a painterly style using textured brushstrokes. This impressionist way of painting involves pushing color intensity, identifying and emphasizing a center of interest and learning to see less by selecting the most important elements only.

Impressionism in my opinion is an interesting way to paint and one which was used by the plein air painters of the Australian Heidelberg School which are my greatest inspiration.

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