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Australian Seascape

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

South Coast Seascape

I could clearly hear the thumping of big waves crashing onto the rocky coastline during the night despite living ten kilometers away. This was inspiration enough to drive to the ocean with my camera before the huge swells dropped off. 

Conditions were treacherous when I arrived, therefore, safety was paramount. Massive waves along with powerful winds and distant storms sweeping across the horizon were all very exiting but highly dangerous also. The distant headland was barely visible through the veil of rising sea-spray. This atmospheric effect greatly added to the mood and interest of the subject.

I took time to stop, sit and study the elements, absorbing and memorizing nature at its wildest. I will recall this mental information and along with photographs which were taken, will be used for references for a series of seascapes in various sizes and formats. ''South Coast Seascape'' 12'' x 60'' oil on board is the first of this series.

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