• Michael Cartwright

After the Rains

After The Rains

The soothing sound of running water became progressively louder as I walked down the hillside towards the river scene below. Taking some interesting reference photographs for a large oil painting was my intention. The timing was good I thought due to recent heavy rains falling in the area. As I approached, however, It became apparent that my subject was more like a raging torrent than the expected peaceful river scene.

This could be both interesting and challenging was my thinking as I squatted precariously on the riverbank carefully selecting my composition in the camera viewfinder.

The subject was more suited to a longer format in my opinion, therefore sequence photographs were taken and used for references for ''After the Rains'' - 24'' x 60'' oil on canvas. Indeed a large painting and one which was built up over days in a series of textured layers and transparent glazes.

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